BYS Australian Cosmetics – Smokey on-the-go, Pure Silk Foundation, Velvet Liquid Lipstck 

Hai ladies, you should read a this post.

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My last working trips to Jakarta always fruitful since I become Clozette Ambassador. Hi 👋🏼 Clozette Management, love to work with you 😘❤

So I have invited to BYS cosmetics counter launch at Plasa Senayan counter is on basement level. During that event I’ve got foundation, On-The-Go-eyeshadow Palette and Velvet Liquid Lipstick.

Another place that you could find BYS is: Sogo Kita Kasablanka and soon in many other big cities around Indonesia.

I swatch their wide selection of Pure Silk Serum Foundation and I choose 23 Natural Beige, it’s the lightest of pink undertones available that just match my skin perfectly. If you are lighter or way darker than me, they still have colour to match you, from pink, neutral to yellow undertones, awesome. At their original website, there’s white foundation to lighten and darker foundation adjuster , but I haven’t see it here, in Indonesia.

For the…

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